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Why Info-Tech Research Group?

Technology Advisory & Framework is a MUST in this industry! We utilize the expertise of Info-Tech Research Group daily to implement the in’s & out’s of Webb3D Technology & Media! I feel that their long-time technology industry expertise is positioned to be the knowledge base ‘back bone’ of my Managed Service Provider company. Best Practices, Methodology, Project Planning & Execution, Accountability & Reporting is what’s needed to sustain in this fast-pace ever changing world of lightning speed advancements & evolutionary changes that affect our network customers, corporate executives & end-user (all at the same time).

The world-wide cyber threats is pervasive & alarming to say the least! I’m also relying on IRG to assist me in crafting a titanium network for my current and future clients that will secure all the business, and at times personal data secure and protected 24/7!

Info-Tech Research Group’s treasure trove of data and knowledge base resources are ‘GOLD!’ Our relationship has just begun – BUT intends to truly be my lifeline, check-point, examination/verification and support system throughout Webb3D Technology & Media’s lifespan!

Roland A. Webb III
Webb3D Technology & Media
Business Owner/IT Engineer/Media Developer & Digital Entrepreneur

Engineering Innovative Computer, Network, Digital & Visual Media Services & Solutions


April 3, 2021

2021 Tech Trends | Info-Tech Research Group

Partnership former in March 2021!

Details to follow in Press…



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