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  • In supporting Private, Public, Healthcare, Financial, Private/Individual, Non-Profit, Creative, Entertainment & Fortune 500 Companies in providing Managed IT Services & Solutions for their staff & corporate needs – to meet their own clients & customers’ needs each & every day.


  • Technology makes this world go-round – literally! It brings people together, allows for use to communicate with each other at anytime no matter how far apart and where on the earth we may be! My life-long career & personal passion for ‘all-things-tech’ has spanned nearly 25 years & counting! I’m about educating, training, mentoring, advising, teaching, coaching & consulting! Help me continue to develop Engineering Innovative Computer, Network, Digital & Visual Media Services & Solutions! Digital products, mobile application, software/applications on the way!

Roland A. Webb III
Webb3D Technology & Media
Business Owner/IT Engineer/Media Developer & Digital Entrepreneur

Engineering Innovative Computer, Network, Digital & Visual Media Services & Solutions

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