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ByRoland A. Webb III

May 15, 2022

Whether it’s during the horrific & deadly ‘COVID-19 Pandemic or not, before & after it there will always been the need to assist businesses not only survive but strive! These shops, grocers & other retail establishments are the bedrock of our communities. In particular, our communities of Color & all of the vital business owners who attempt to keep moving in the face of inflation, crime, war, climate & of course trying to survive daily in our unpredictable era in time!

During times of needs, assistance & those kind-hearted souls who are willing to give what they have in the garages, attics and drawers – all contribute to small, medium business in some way. When starting this business I’ve set aside old flat screen televisions, desks, tables & other furniture in one day be able to furnish (at least small fill-in areas) of these labeled ‘not to be thrown out’ items.

Donate to a SMB today with whatever you may have to spare! Watch some small business owners react to major financials & emotional surprises and Warren Buffet provide some advice for business owners!

Watch below!


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By Roland A. Webb III

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